When & Where

The Way meets every Sunday morning and evening. Join us at one of our two Sunday morning worship services. Beginning September 2nd join us at 9:10 & 10:30 am free J&B coffee and a laid back worship and a practical message followed by simply reading the Bible. Also, Sunday evenings join us for a free meal at 7:15 pm followed by Worship at 8:00 pm in the Auditorium at IABC (9507 98th st). Join us for incredible worship and a challenging sermon this Sunday! And ask about how to connect with one of our Community Groups that meet throughout the week! Check out our Current Events page for details on what, when and where we are doing things!

Be part of a community.

At The Way, we believe community with other believers is so important. We have multiple community groups that meet different days of the week and can cater to you as an individual. Every group will have a meet & greet meal at their corresponding times August 28th, 29th, & 30th. Normal meetings will begin the week of September 3 and conclude the week of December 3.

Take a look below to see which community group may be right for you. For more information concerning any Community Group or if you would like to be contacted by a group leader click here: https://iabcforms.wufoo.com/forms/z1ciy60e167a8pf/ 


Young Adults @ 6:30 pm
Keith & Tanya Bryant
4006 127th st

Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
 Tucker & Danielle Brown
7602 Bangor


Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
Bruce & Dolly Monroe
5219 89th

Girls @ 7:00 pm
Travis & Carrie Bailey
2719 87th st


Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
David & Marilyn Gilbert
6403 Memphis

Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
Donny & Traci Payne
9408 Miami Ave

Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
Cameron & Jessica Vaughan
7011 35th st



Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
Josh & Macy Dickson
5210 27th st  


All Girls @ 7:00 pm
Jessica & Danny Lee
2715 91st st











Co-Ed @ 7:00 pm
Tommy & Mary Ann Martin
3802 66th st










Co-Ed 7:30 pm
Chris & Jennifer Bartlett
9106 Hope